Is LipSense Worth the Hype?

I have been seeing LipSense EVERYWHERE recently. A lot of distributors have been messaging me asking if I’m interested in trying LipSense. I never was really interested in trying especially because of the number of messages I received urging me to try. I then received an email from a distributor saying she will gift me a kit with a … Continue Reading

My First Eyelash Extensions Experience

I have been seeing lash extensions all over social media. I wanted to get them done for the longest time, but I was pretty skeptical. I was so happy when Lucia Lash contacted me and asked to do my lashes. Of course I had to say yes. What are Eyelash Extensions? They are used to … Continue Reading

BEST Eyeshadow Palettes of 2017

Eyeshadow palettes are by far are my favorite makeup items. There are so many palettes out there from low to high end. If you’re new to palettes or not sure which one to buy, I’m here to help you! Eyeshadow palettes can be beautiful but hardly pigmented. Also, some palettes can be very powdery and … Continue Reading

Why I am an Ipsy Subscriber Again

I recently wanted to try other beauty subscriptions to see how they compared to Ipsy. I didn’t really like SephoraPlay because it was tiny samples and unlike Ipsy you didn’t rate the items. If you do the reviews every month, your items become more specific to what you like. If you get nail polish and … Continue Reading

Is the Tarteist Pro Palette Worth it?

I am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes, but I’m starting to slow down on my eyeshadow purchase. Recently, I was in Sephora and I wanted to splurge on something for my birthday. I saw the Tarteist Pro Palette months ago and always thought it was too much. I am a big fan of Tarte and the … Continue Reading

Why I’m Ending My Sephora Play Subscription

Ahhh beauty monthly subscription boxes who doesn’t love them? I have been testing out a few and so far Ipsy is my favorite. I became a subscriber of Sephora Play just a few months ago. To be honest, I’m not a fan. I subscribed because of the price for high-end makeup.