Why You Should Own a Wig || Wigs for Women

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. By the title of this post you might be confused. Why would I need wig? Wearing a wig can protect your hair from heat and dyes. It can be a quick way to change your look. Wigs for women are not just for covering up bald … Continue Reading

The Importance of Seventh Generation Organic Tampons

We hear so much about the benefits of organic foods. It helps reduce public health risks, doesn’t contain pesticides and many more benefits. This has become a lifestyle for many. The organic lifestyle has even drifted to feminine products. Seventh Generation organic tampons are one of the best organic feminine products on the market. They … Continue Reading

How to Jam Out Your Semester With Klipsch + UNiDAYS

I cannot believe it’s that time again – back to school! Anyone else get really anxious/excited/nervous all at the same time as the first day approaches? What I do to calm my nerves is listen to music. This puts me in a better mood and makes me feel confident. UNiDAYS is a service that will … Continue Reading

How Blogging Changed My Life

Blogging is a way of telling the world your opinion. There can be many many negatives and positives with blogging. I decided to write this post because I want to share my experiences and this isn’t one of those typical how to start a blog. I went into blogging with a very positive mindset. I … Continue Reading


A simple hello can mean so much to someone. It can turn their whole day around. I want to talk about this topic because I believe the world needs kindness. It’s so simple to do every day. Start by starting your day with a smile and this will trickle down to your peers and even … Continue Reading

Dot Dot Smile With Nicole D + Monthly Contest

Dressing up your little ones can be a hassle. Just ask my sister who is a mother to an almost 1 year old! She is a merchandiser for Dot Dot Smile which is a kids clothes company that specializes in twirly dresses and rompers – tank dress, classic cap dress, ballerina, and graphic tees. Just … Continue Reading