Simple Everyday Makeup Look

It doesn’t have to take hours to do your makeup everyday. It takes me about twenty minutes to do my full face of makeup from prep to finish. I am writing this post to share with you my simple everyday makeup look. prep. This step is so important. A lot of people tend to miss … Continue Reading

Makeup Wants on My Wishlist for 2018

It’s almost Christmas which means wish lists come in full effect. I thought to make this wish list to help you all out decide what will be on your wish list. Coming up with a wish list can sometimes be difficult. For example, like what is the latest popular makeup products or makeup product releases.

Why You Should Own a Wig || Wigs for Women

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. By the title of this post you might be confused. Why would I need wig? Wearing a wig can protect your hair from heat and dyes. It can be a quick way to change your look. Wigs for women are not just for covering up bald … Continue Reading

NYX Lip Lingerie Review

Nude lipsticks are my favorite kinds of lipsticks. I was at the drugstore when I was looking for a new nude liquid lipstick. I discovered the NYX Lip Lingerie because of the number of shades. i purchased two very different shades – Beauty Mark and Ruffle Trim. Lets start with the basics – Lip Lingerie … Continue Reading

Makeup Lover Gift Guide 2017

Shopping for a beauty lover can be difficult considering they might have every single beauty item out there! Also, if you have no idea about makeup. I compiled a list of my makeup staples to help you. Having more than one of these items can be a plus too. These products are items that I … Continue Reading

The Importance of Seventh Generation Organic Tampons

We hear so much about the benefits of organic foods. It helps reduce public health risks, doesn’t contain pesticides and many more benefits. This has become a lifestyle for many. The organic lifestyle has even drifted to feminine products. Seventh Generation organic tampons are one of the best organic feminine products on the market. They … Continue Reading