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Doing makeup takes precision and even accuracy. Finding a mirror that will help you see your application can be hard especially since there are so many mirrors on the market. The one I am going to recommend is one of my favorites and it is extremely affordable!

The mirror I usually use is the TYSNES table mirror from IKEA. This is a great mirror because of its bent angle. The only thing is it’s not magnified and hard to use at night. I am so glad that I found the Makeup Mirror. This has four mirrors in a compact design and will not clutter your vanity.

This makeup vanity mirror is a trifold which makes it super easy to travel with. This has 22 led lights that is battery operated or can be plugged in. In order to turn on the light, you can just touch the mirror. This makes it so convenient. Led is better for the environment, brighter and longer lasting than regular bulbs.

This mirror is also magnified which is great because you can see application of makeup a whole lot easier. The makeup mirror also rotates and easily adjustable. You are able to tilt in order to see every angle.

This lighted Makeup Mirror is extremely affordable. It is less than $25 which is basically a bargain compared to other mirrors. it is available for amazon prime so you can get it quick! I hope this post has helped you!

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