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arcade glam review

arcade glam texture

May the highlighting trend live on in the new year with NYX Cosmetics Love You So Mochi new releases. Their new highlighting palettes are inspired by the delicious Japanese desert – mochi. It retails for $18.99USD, but is it worth it?

Anyone else think that NYX Cosmetics prices are rising. They were known for being really affordable, but their recent products are almost the same price as high-end. I was suprised when the cashier at Ulta told me the price of the Arcade Glam highlighting palette, but thankfully I had a gift card.

This palette has three highlighters – yellow, pink, and blue. This definitely has a different texture and feel from other highlighters especially from drugstore. It has a nice soft pillow texture. By the looks of this palette, I expected it to be super pigmented. You have to dig into the product to actually get some pigment.

These highlighters have a duo chromatic glow which means you see a different color in different angles. This isn’t as pigmented as I hoped it would be. There are better affordable highlighters on the market.

I really do love the texture and feeling of this product. It literally feels like a pillow when you touch it – definitely different and I definitely get the whole mochi vibe off of it. As you can see from the swatches above there’s not much pigment. If you like subtle glow the Love You So Mochi Arcade Glam highlighting palette is for you.

contents: 0.57 oz


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