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Wrapping presents can be such a bore and a process. What I like to do is put on some Christmas tunes to get me in the festive mood. Wrapping paper can be so expensive especially if you want pretty designs. I was on pinterest and saw some really cute ideas to wrap Christmas gifts.

I found a roll of brown postage paper at the Dollar Store. This simple brown paper is very popular right now on YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. This paper is very easy to customize. You can use a stamp and stamp on symbols or festive signs.

SUPPLIES NEEDED (all found at dollar store)

  • packaging paper
  • transparent tape
  • ribbons
  • tiny christmas balls
  • garland

creative wrapping 1

creative wrapping 2

creative wrapping 4

You can customize each individual gift and/or personalize each persons gift. Wrapping your gifts like this can add simplicity and an organized look. You can use the scraps of paper to make personalized gift tags.

Receiving a gorgeous wrapped gift can be extra special and a gift in itself. There are so many ideas on Pinterest, but it’s so easy to create your own. You can purchase accents at the dollar store for affordable options. Make your gifts unique and special. Spread the cheer and be festive.

creative wrapping 6

creative wrapping 8

creative wrapping 9

It’s very easy to personalize the kraft paper wrapped gifts. You can wrap the gift with a traditional ribbon or even twine. If you use twine, it gives a very vintage look. I also used scraps of wrapping paper and wrapped it on the kraft paper.

I hope I gave you some inspiration. Wrapping presents doesn’t have to be a drag and can be a very relaxing experience especially if you DIY.

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I love finding unique ways to wrap gifts! I really like the idea of adding in a piece of a garland. Sierra~Beautifully Candid

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