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I have been seeing LipSense EVERYWHERE recently. A lot of distributors have been messaging me asking if I’m interested in trying LipSense. I never was really interested in trying especially because of the number of messages I received urging me to try. I then received an email from a distributor saying she will gift me a kit with a lipstick of my choice. I couldn’t say no to that. I did receive this product complimentary but opinion is entirely my own.


I knew you were wondering…… Lipsense is a liquid lipstick that lasts up to 18 hours and supposed to stay on through eating, drinking, kissing, swimming…etc. It is sold by consultants. This is a direct sales company.

I received Persimmon and First Love. Both are two very different colors and shade ranges.

Persimmon is the perfect fall color it is a burnt orange brown color. I chose this color because I really want to experiment with orangy tone lippies. Persimmon looks a bit red on my lips. The wand is a bit hard to take out of the tube. Must be a bad batch? I like this color because it’s definitely not like a typical color you would have in your makeup bag.

First Love is a matte light brown with a touch of pink. I absolutely love this color. I think it looks great on my skin tone.


Lipsense is a process to apply. You have to make sure you are not rushing because it will not work properly. Because of this, it adds a con. I’m the type of person who doesn’t like spending too much time on applying makeup especially in the morning (I am far from a morning person.) My lips are full so it takes a few swipes to get a full layer on. After each layer, you have to wait 5 seconds to put the next layer on. To lock in the color, you have to apply a gloss.

The smell is so strong. It smells like alcohol. If you’re sensitive to smell, you won’t like this product. If the gloss comes off, your lips will taste like alcohol. YUCK.

The lipstick does last all day. Make sure your lips are exfoliated and hydrated. About 12 hours later, Persimmon did dry out my lips and peeled off. I didn’t keep up with the gloss.

This product is $25 and $20 for the gloss and you have to wear a gloss to keep the color in place. To be honest, it is not worth that much. This is better than lipsticks because of the longevity but it is not worth that much money. The Oops remover did not work. It does take a lot to take off. There’s different ways to take it off and available if you google. They do have a crazy amount of colors which is great.


I am not a fan of this packaging, but I do like the gold metallic cap it adds personality.  I don’t like the body of the lipstick. There’s too much going on. It doesn’t look like a $20+ product. By looking at it, it looks like a very cheap liquid lipstick.


Below are looks I created using First Love (first photo) and Persimmon (Second Photo)

persimmon lip sense

What are your thoughts on Lipsense? What colors are your favorite?

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