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Blogging is a way of telling the world your opinion. There can be many many negatives and positives with blogging. I decided to write this post because I want to share my experiences and this isn’t one of those typical how to start a blog.

I went into blogging with a very positive mindset. I knew I was going to succeed. I had the tools and training – I was fresh out of Temple University’s Journalism program and had 3 internships. I did have a good start because I was so motivated. I would blog and take high-quality photos three times a week.

I’m going to be honest, as the months went on I began to slack, but I am trying to be that top-notch blogger I was a year a go.

Don’t compare your blog stats with others. This means numbers and how successful other blogs are compared to yours. This will discourage you and just give up.

I have worked with some amazing companies such as DOVE, CORE, and even Marc Jacobs Beauty. I have met some amazing people through this experience.


WOW, I get this question A LOT! Sometimes I don’t even know how to answer. I have always wanted to take a big leap into something. I like being challenged. I played competitive sports all throughout high school and some college.

Blogging is a challenge. You either fail or succeed and this depends on your attitude. To me, this is what I want. I want to succeed at blogging. I started my blog on January 2016 right after I graduated from J-school. I loved the idea of sharing my ideas and opinions and posting it somewhere. With my blog, I have my own space where I can talk about my passions which is beauty.

This has opened my eyes to everything beauty. I am now familiar and educated about makeup and skincare. It has increased my love for my passions.


I have worked with some amazing companies. Many though have sent me their product in exchange for a post. Usually, companies or pr firms will email me and ask if I’m interested in reviewing a product my answer is most times yes.

With blogging, I am able to do things I wasn’t able or motivated to do when I wasn’t a blogger. For example, Dry Bar and Soul Cycle invited me to their grand opening. I wanted to go to both for a long time. I was so excited when I recieved that email inviting me to the event.


Honestly, there are times where I think to myself ….is this worth it? One of the biggest negatives about blogging is not getting paid, but if it’s your passion it doesn’t matter.

Family and friends who are not familiar with blogging ask a million questions because they don’t understand fully what a blogger is or what they do.

Honestly, if you love what you do, there won’t be any cons to blogging. Keep your head up.

Blogging has become a passion of mine. I love taking photos and writing and this has helped me to keep going. I am so excited to be working on my very first sponsored paid post very soon. I didn’t think it was possible this soon! Stay tuned!

Blogging has given me a very positive impact on my life. Sometimes it does get difficult – keeping up with posts. I truly believe there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I hope to expand this to opening my own beauty salon in the city. I am so thankful this experience opened my eyes for the future!

It’s ok to be nervous just be confident and positive!

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