Being born and raised in Northeast Philadelphia, I was kind of in the dark with the rest of the city. It was until I enrolled at Temple University when I really started to get to know the city. I was able to explore the city entirely on my own because I took the subway and … Continue Reading

Beautiful packaging makes the product 100 percent more desireable… miright !? When I saw the Unicorn Brushes  also called Magic Wands Brush Set from Tarte I was in love and I knew I had to get them! I purchased them as soon as they were released.

The highlighter (not the marker) trend is ALIVE and WELL !!!! From powders to liquids… there’s no in between. I have been using a lot of powder highlighter, but not so much liquids. I was so excited when Influenster sent me the Marc Jacobs Beauty Dew You Dew Drops. I wrote an in-depth post on … Continue Reading

I really enjoy creating dramatic makeup looks because I am able to experiment with different makeup products. I was inspired by looking through festival looks which is super trendy right now. I wanted to use pinks and purples but mostly pinks. Pink is such a fun color to work with because it’s not what I … Continue Reading

HEEEY! In this post I will be reviewing the NYX Cosmetics Total Control drop Foundation. Finding a good foundation with good coverage at a drugstore can be hard. NYX recently released this foundation which allows you to choose the coverage. This foundation has a matte finish.

I was watching a random makeup fav video on Youtube when they mentioned how good the new Wet n Wild foundation is. I knew I had to try it especially because of its low price. I never really tried anything from this brand because it never had great reviews.