The Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild Glow Kit is a must-have. This kit is unique because of its metallic celestial finish. This palette is soooooo pigmented. It’s so worth the money. The packaging is a bit cheap, but the quality of the highlighters are worth it. 

Blogging is a way of telling the world your opinion. There can be many many negatives and positives with blogging. I decided to write this post because I want to share my experiences and this isn’t one of those typical how to start a blog. I went into blogging with a very positive mindset. I … Continue Reading

Eyeshadow palettes are by far are my favorite makeup items. There are so many palettes out there from low to high end. If you’re new to palettes or not sure which one to buy, I’m here to help you! Eyeshadow palettes can be beautiful but hardly pigmented. Also, some palettes can be very powdery and … Continue Reading

A simple hello can mean so much to someone. It can turn their whole day around. I want to talk about this topic because I believe the world needs kindness. It’s so simple to do every day. Start by starting your day with a smile and this will trickle down to your peers and even … Continue Reading

I recently wanted to try other beauty subscriptions to see how they compared to Ipsy. I didn’t really like SephoraPlay because it was tiny samples and unlike Ipsy you didn’t rate the items. If you do the reviews every month, your items become more specific to what you like. If you get nail polish and … Continue Reading

A lot of beauty gurus use very expensive makeup to create their looks. Believe me, you do NOT need to spend a lot of money to create a flawless look. It’s all about creativity because you know makeup is an art. This motivated me to create an affordable makeup look.